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Associated With Funding And Resources

To provide resources integration, resources allocation of resources, for co-operating enterprises, to realize added values to the business and operation.

Joint Venture

Co-operative management and marketing, allocation of business resources, design of business model and marketing strategies.

Cooperative Marketing

Establish a new integrative marketing system with the co-operating enterprises,
Applying the marketing system to promote the businesses.

Marketing Strategies

"Multiple marketing channels + new sales" to expand the markets, joint marketing, joint listing.

Prospects For Development

Obor Link (M) Sdn. Bhd developing towards a diversified direction, integrating business and human resources, and developing digital industry with cooperating enterprises.

Joint Operations + Resource
Allocation + New Sales

Improve the marketing capability of comprehensive business

The business profile of Obor Link (M) Sdn. Bhd

Our main business objectives are to integrate clients’ resources, joint operation, joint marketing , and integrate elements of resources, capital and market strategies. The business development includes but not limited to

  •  the marketing of artificial intelligence stereoscopic display of mobile phone screens, tablets and mobile phone screen films
  • Promotion of Tencent intelligent cultural tourism,
  • high-speed railway 12306 advertising,
  • high-tech,
  • service and retail
  • Internet sales
  • International trade and other diversified businesses
  • OMO (Online Merge Offline) marketing system
  • integrated online and offline sales platform and solutions for our partners.
  • The company’s sales pipelines integrate online eMall marketing system and offline retail network in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
  • It is the Group’s long-term strategy to partner with international professional teams to develop businesses such as blockchain, smart contracts, big data system and digital industry.
  • The Company collaborates with its partners to promote corporate social responsibility and participate in diversified philanthropic activities.

Resource Integration

Integrate domestic and overseas resources, provide partners with resources integration and allocation services, and achieve market value creation and capital empowerment.

Joint Operation and Marketing

Joint operation, joint marketing, allocation of resources, allocation of capital, businesses develop towards the direction of diversification.

Market Strategy

With the development strategy of "joint venture capital + resource allocation + new sales", the company integrates domestic and overseas resources to realize market value creation and capital empowerment.

Are you interested in our business?

We are inviting joint venture partners and project partners, to work together to enhance the marketing capability of comprehensive business. Through the Company platform, we are able to activate various resources to effectively provide flexible and diversified solutions for partner enterprises. The Company is also promoting Tencent Smart Tourism, high-speed railway 12306 advertising and AI (artificial intelligent0 stereoscopic 3D display businesses. The Company provide domestic and international comprehensive product resources, for the mainland businesses, and project partners, for the allocation of comprehensive resources. The construction of global OMO marketing system and the integration of online and offline sales platform (in terms of product marketing and commercial business) will attract merchants and attract investment.

Partnership Companies